About Us

Welcome to the heart of our mission. At Apostle Radon, we are proven and experienced specialists in radon mitigation and indoor air quality services. Our team consists of passionate individuals driven by a sense of mission to mitigate radon from American homes and save lives.

Our Journey

Our story began in 2014 when David Cook, the president of Apostle Radon discovered the life-changing impact of radon gas.

Concerned about his family’s safety, he conducted a radon test in his own home, only to find elevated levels of this silent threat. Realizing the danger and potential to save lives, he took swift action and successfully installed his first radon mitigation system.

Moved by a sense of purpose, David saw an opportunity to turn this personal experience into a thriving business venture. With nearly a decade of experience in radon mitigation, we have installed around 2,000 systems across Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois.

A deep commitment to customer safety and satisfaction marks our journey.

The Apostle Radon Team

Our team is the backbone of Apostle Radon. We are determined to set new standards in indoor air safety and mitigate radon from every home. Meet the people who make it all possible:
David Cook – President
David’s journey from concerned homeowner to the president of a radon mitigation company demonstrates his dedication. With a genuine passion for improving indoor air quality and protecting families, he is the driving force behind Apostle Radon. David’s hands-on experience and commitment to ethical standards ensure that every project we undertake meets the highest industry standards.

Our Technicians

Our team of technicians is the face of Apostle Radon.
With a century of combined construction experience, they bring expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail to every project.
Their friendly demeanor and efficient work ensure that your radon mitigation is completed perfectly.

Why We Do What We Do

Our objective is to eliminate radon-induced lung cancer one home at a time. Radon kills one person every 25 minutes, and this statistic is a sobering reminder of the importance of our work. We’re not just in the radon mitigation business but in the business of saving lives.

Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is our greatest reward. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied and delighted with our services. Our commitment to your well-being and safety drives us to always deliver the best results. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Ethical Values

At Apostle Radon, we embrace the highest Christian values in everything we do. Honesty, integrity, and ethical standards are the cornerstones of our operations. We believe in doing what’s right for our customers and our community, and these values guide every decision we make.

Community Involvement

As a radon mitigation service provider, we see ourselves as an intrinsic part of the local community. We actively engage with the community and offer military discounts to support veterans and active-duty military personnel. Giving back is an essential part of our ethos.

Join Us in Making Your Home Safer

Your home is your sanctuary, and your family’s safety is paramount. Take action today before it’s too late; take action today. Let us be your trusted partner in radon mitigation and indoor air quality. Experience the Apostle Radon difference for yourself.

Your safety matters to us. Join us in making your home a safer, healthier place.


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